Saturday, June 23, 2012

USP 797 Compliance Update

In its annual survey, the magazine Pharmacy Purchasing & Products has again provided a comprehensive and useful guide ti the state of USP 79067 compliance in the United Staes in 2012. The full article can be found on the magazines website ( 

Some highlights of the statistics are provided below, see the complete article for further details and insights can be found on the USP 797 website

About USP 797:, Inc. is the only pharmacy consulting company in the United States that is focused exclusively on USP 797 guidelines, USP 797 standards, and USP 797 compliance. The firm provides USP 797 consulting, as well as USP 797 information through its well known USP 797 website

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For further information about USP 797, please go to the website, or contact, Inc. at:, Inc.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Pharmacy Design Website ( Publishes New Pharmacy Design Projects

Pharmacy Design has published three new pharmacy design projects on the pharmacy design articles page of its website,

The first pharmacy design project is a new, USP 797 compliant, hospital pharmacy design project by architect Bernstein & Associates.  The pharmacy is located in New York State. See
The second pharmacy design project is a new, retail pharmacy design project by industrial designer Karim Rashid.  The pharmacy is located in Belgrade, Serbia. See
The third pharmacy design project is a new, retail pharmacy design project by designer Sartoretto Verna.  The pharmacy is located in Qawra, Malta. See
About the Pharmacy Design website:
Pharmacy Design ( offers facility managers, pharmacy managers, pharmacy purchasing agents, and pharmacy owners a comprehensive directory for all products and services needed to design, build, equip, and manage a state-of-the-art pharmacy.
What you fill find on Pharmacy Design: Pharmacy Planning and Pharmacy Design Services, Pharmacy Construction Service, Pharmacy Project Management Services, Pharmacy Products, Pharmacy Equipment, Pharmacy Furniture, and Pharmacy Software.
 What you will find on Pharmacy Design: Pharmacy Planning and Pharmacy Design Services - Pharmacy Construction Services - Pharmacy Project Management Services - Pharmacy Products - Pharmacy Equipment - Pharmacy Furniture - Pharmacy Software
Visit today to learn more about state-of-the-art pharmacy design.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

USP 797 Pharmacy Design Project in California Completed, Pharmacy Design by Bernstein & Associates, Architects

Bernstein & Associates, Architects, is pleased to announce that a USP 797 hospital pharmacy that the firm designed in California has been recently completed and successfully occupied. The USP 797 pharmacy design commission was for a complete, new, state-of-the-art hospital pharmacy featuring the latest pharmacy automation equipment. The project included all new ISO 7 anteroom, ISO 7 hazardous compounding room, and ISO 7 non-hazardous compounding room, as well as a complete new hospital pharmacy and employee pharmacy. USP 797 services provided by Bernstein & Associates, Architects included pharmacy programming, pharmacy adjacency diagrams, pharmacy flow diagrams, pharmacy equipment planning, and USP 797 pharmacy design. About Bernstein & Associates, Architects: Bernstein & Associates, Architects has specialized in healthcare and lab design and construction since the firm's founding in 1990. This architecture firm is well-known for pharmacy planning, pharmacy design and pharmacy construction, including USP 797 compliant pharmacy design and construction – see The firm's principal --- William N. Bernstein, AIA --- is a well-known architect of pharmacies. He has written extensively on pharmacy design and construction including USP 797 compliant pharmacies. Mr. Bernstein's USP 797 articles can be found on the USP 797 website, on a USP 797 Twitter page at, and a USP 797 blog at For more information about USP 797 pharmacy design and construction, contact Bernstein & Associates, Architects at: Bernstein & Associates, Architects New York, Hartford, Princeton and Los Angeles E: W: Or visit for USP 797 news and USP 797 information.

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