Saturday, May 8, 2010

Water System Biofil Testing by Aemtek

[Press Release] 2010.5.8

Aemtek offers in-depth training on water system biofilm
All pharmaceutical, biologics, and medical device facilities are likely to have high purity water systems. In spite of this overt absence of nutrients, microorganisms growing as biofilms can flourish within these systems and lead to undesirable contamination of facility processes and their products. In order to limit the bacteria that may be in the water, one has to understand and control the development of biofilms in the water system. Aemtek offers a two-day course that is designed to provide an in-depth look at how biofilm affects all aspects of water systems, including design, operation, validation, monitoring, sanitization, and excursion investigations. Right and wrong approaches will be discussed along with tips on how to minimize excursions as well as how to perform contamination investigations with example case studies to reinforce this learning.
The course will be taught by renowned industry expert, Dr. TERI C. (“T.C.”) SOLI. Dr. Soli has been consulting for 15 years with training and troubleshooting expertise covering water systems, sterilization, aseptic processing, and validation. He is Vice-Chair of the USP Pharmaceutical Waters Expert Committee and has authored several ISPE and PDA book chapters, papers, and USP Monographs and Chapter revisions, including his complete rewrite of USP’s “water bible”, Chapter <1231>.
This comprehensive course is titled "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WATER SYSTEM BIOFILM" and will be held on JUNE 16TH — 17TH, 2010 at AEMTEK TRAINING ROOM, 46309 WARM SPRINGS BLVD., FREMONT, CA 94539. For more information, visit or email

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