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Hazardous Drug Storage in an USP 797 Compliant Environment

Questions and Answers on USP 797

RJLG Question 17: Chapter <797> states that “hazardous drugs shall be stored separately from other inventory in a manner to prevent contamination and personnel exposure”. I work in a hospital with a separate negative pressure chemo room adjacent to a positive pressure ante room. We use a separate refrigerator for chemotherapy drugs and it is only accessed by staff that are involved in the preparation and distribution of these drugs. However, this refrigerator is too large to store in our negative pressure chemo room and would adversely impact our air quality. Therefore, we store this refrigerator in a separate storage room. Since the concern of volatilization of hazardous drugs is at room temperature and these drugs are refrigerated, is this an acceptable plan?

RJLG Answer 17: Hazardous drug storage in a separate negative pressure room is preferred, but not required by USP797. It sounds as if your hazardous drugs are stored separately from other inventory and access is restricted only to authorized personnel. As long as your storage is in a manner to prevent contamination and personnel exposure, your plan may be acceptable.
Hazardous drug storage must be in accordance with USP797, OSHA, and other applicable guidelines and recommendations. Your site-specific policies & procedures and hazardous drug safety plan must include conditions for storage. Also see RJLG Question 12 in this Q&A section of the website for more information.

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