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USP 797 Newsletter (February 2009 edition)

This is a summary of the February 2009 edition of the USP 797 Newsletter:
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"EMSL analytical offers analysis for USP 797 samples", 01/14/09
"EMSL Analytical, a leading provider of laboratory services, recently announced they have begun to analyze samples for USP 797. Issued by the US Pharmacopoeia (USP), USP 797 regulations provide a standard for all pharmacies that prepare ‘compounded sterile preparations’ (CSPs). Most pharmacies must comply with this regulation and many hospitals that operate pharmacies meeting the same criteria are also affected..."
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"New Article on Design of Pharmacy to Conform with USP 797 (2008 version)", 01/31/09
"Bernstein & Associates, Architects is pleased to announce the publication of a new article about design of pharmacies to conform to the 2008 version of USP 797. The article has been published in the February 2009 edition of Hospital Newspaper. The article discussed the latest edition of USP 797, and how pharmacists and pharmacy managers should plan, design and construct their pharmacies to conform to USP 797..."
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USP797 Seminars Being Offered
• Aseptic Processing and Compliance Tools for USP <797>
• Practical Application of USP's General Chapter <797>
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• RJLG Question 12: If chemotherapy medications are stored in the negative pressure cleanroom, how are refrigerated chemotherapy meds supposed to be stored since refrigerators should not be placed in the clean room? Do we have to build a separate negative pressure area for the refrigerator?
• RJLG Answer 12: Although a separate negative pressure room for bulk storage of all hazardous drugs would be ideal, storage in a negative pressure room is recommended by USP797 but not a current requirement.
All hazardous drugs must be stored separately from other inventory. Hazardous drugs should only be stored in the negative pressure buffer room if they are removed from their cartons and decontaminated in the ante area using appropriate procedures and personal protective equipment, and if the stored quantities are required for supporting your compounding operation. Excessive or bulk storage in the buffer room should be avoided.
Regarding your separate refrigerator for refrigerated hazardous drugs, USP797 states, “Placement of devices in ante areas and buffer areas is dictated by their effect on the designated environmental quality of atmospheres and surfaces, which shall be verified by monitoring.”
Answer provided as a courtesy to by Matthew Zock of the RJ Lee Group, Inc. (RJLG). Note: Neither RJLG nor assumes any liability for the use or interpretation of this information. Please consult your pharmacy consultant prior to taking any actions in your pharmacy.
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