Sunday, April 21, 2013

USP 797 Educational Seminar by Technical Safety Services


Technical Safety Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the next in its ongoing series of USP<797> educational webinars. Preparations are currently underway to present the next compounding pharmacy compliance webinar this June.

With regulations tightening in response to recent contamination issues at compounding pharmacies, it is critical that compounders nationwide pay careful attention to the guidelines outlined in USP<797>. And TSS can help. Our educational webinars are designed to establish a dialogue between your pharmacy and our USP<797> compliance specialists. We’ll guide you through the principals of compliance and help you understand how best to put those principles into practice.

Technical Safety Services specializes in offering controlled environment testing and certification services.  TSS has the most experienced team of CETA registered cleanroom certification professionals in North America.

Contact TSS to find out if your pharmacy is eligible for a free gap analysis. And don’t forget to request an invitation to our next complimentary USP<797> compliance webinar. Space is limited. Get your name on the guest list today.

For additional information please visit or call 800.877.7742.

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