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07/28/09: Architect Selected to Design New State-of-the-Art Pharmacy in California

Bernstein & Associates, Architects ( is pleased to announce it has been selected to provide architectural design and equipment planning services for a new hospital pharmacy in Santa Barbara, CA.

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07/28/09: Connecticut Clean Room Corporation Expands Product Line to Include USP 797, Safety and Additional Industrial Products

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation, a manufacturer, distributor and converter of special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial and sanitary standards has recently expanded its product line to include USP 797, safety and additional industrial products.

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USP797 Seminars Being Offered

Aseptic Processing and Compliance Tools for USP <797>
Fundamentals of Bioassay Practices
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RJLG Question 17: Chapter <797> states that “hazardous drugs shall be stored separately from other inventory in a manner to prevent contamination and personnel exposure”. I work in a hospital with a separate negative pressure chemo room adjacent to a positive pressure ante room. We use a separate refrigerator for chemotherapy drugs and it is only accessed by staff that are involved in the preparation and distribution of these drugs. However, this refrigerator is too large to store in our negative pressure chemo room and would adversely impact our air quality. Therefore, we store this refrigerator in a separate storage room. Since the concern of volatilization of hazardous drugs is at room temperature and these drugs are refrigerated, is this an acceptable plan?

RJLG Answer 17: Hazardous drug storage in a separate negative pressure room is preferred, but not required by USP797. It sounds as if your hazardous drugs are stored separately from other inventory and access is restricted only to authorized personnel. As long as your storage is in a manner to prevent contamination and personnel exposure, your plan may be acceptable. Hazardous drug storage must be in accordance with USP797, OSHA, and other applicable guidelines and recommendations. Your site-specific policies & procedures and hazardous drug safety plan must include conditions for storage. Also see RJLG Question 12 in this Q&A section of the website for more information.
Answer provided as a courtesy to by Matthew Zock of the RJ Lee Group, Inc. (RJLG). Note: Neither RJLG nor assumes any liability for the use or interpretation of this information. Please con consult your pharmacy consultant prior to taking any actions in your pharmacy.

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Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Pharmacy Construction Project Management
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Analytical Testing
Aemtek, Inc.
EM Lab P&K
EMSL Analytical Inc.
Pathcon Laboratories

Cleaning Products / Contamination Control
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals
Attentus Medical Sales, Inc.
Berkshire Corporation
Blue Thunder Technologies, Inc.
Connecticut Clean Room Corporation
Contec, Inc.
Decon Labs Inc.
Dycem's CleanZone
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Medical Technology Associates, Inc.

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Certco, Inc.
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The Baker Company
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Trion, Inc. Air Purification Systems

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Article on Mail Order Pharmacy Design Published

Bernstein & Associates, Architects is pleased to announce the publication of a new article about mail order pharmacy design. The article was published on Pharmacy Design (, the website focused on pharmacy design.

The article discusses the following pharmacy design concepts for a mail order pharmacy:

- an aesthetically pleasing pharmacy environment, combined with a focus on pharmacy workflow and pharmacy functionality
- creation of pharmacy “pod” workstations
- pharmacy pod storage
- pharmacy pod touch screen computer
- use of pharmacy counting machines, located close to each pod for increased prescription workflow
- an efficient pharmacy storage and pharmacy shelving system to house drug overstock
- provision of excess pharmacy shelving to accommodate company and stock volume growth
- custom controlled substance cabinets disguised to look identical to regular cabinets to prevent theft in the event of a break in. These cabinets are located in a central, clear area for constant monitoring and easy access.
- provision for future addition of pharmacy automation technology, as well as the addition of new pharmacist/technician teams.

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About Bernstein & Associates, Architects: Founded in 1990, *Bernstein & Assoc., Architects - PLLC* is an award-winning architectural firm specializing in healthcare and laboratories, with a sub-specialty in the design and construction of USP 797-compliant pharmacy facilities. Over the last three years, the firm has designed over (20) usp 797-compliant pharmacies.

For more information about pharmacy design and construction, please contact:
William N. Bernstein, AIA
Bernstein & Associates, Architects - PLLC
59 West 19th Street - 6A New York, NY 10011
T: 212.463.8200
F: 212.463.9898