Friday, June 19, 2009

usp 797 consulting services, inc. is a privately owned company, committed to public education and consulting on the usp 797 regulation.

We have been at the forefront of the usp797 regulation since 2005. Our website --- – was launched in 2005, and is updated regularly., inc. provides consulting to pharmacy clients, looking to upgrade or maintain their conformance to all of the latest usp 797 guidelines. Our consulting team has been built utilizing only the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, all of whom have a significant sub-specialty in the area of usp 797 theory and implementation.

Amongst the usp 797 consulting services offered by, inc. are: architecture, engineering, construction, project management, analytical testing, recommendation of cleanroom products and contamination control, design/build, compliance action plans, environmental monitoring, software, and testing & certification.

Please note:, inc. supports the important work of the USP, but has no affiliation with USP.

For further information about usp 797 consulting, please contact:, inc.
59 West 19th St. - 6A, NY, NY 10011
Telephone : 212-463-0800
Fax : 212-463-9898
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Friday, June 12, 2009

New Pharmacy Design Website Now Online

For Immediate Release (06/12/09)

Pharmacy Design ( is a comprehensive new pharmacy website that is now online. The site will be useful to pharmacists, pharmacy vendors, pharmacy administrators, pharmacy managers, and pharmacy students.

Pharmacy Design is a comprehensive source for pharmacy owners, or managers, looking to upgrade their facility to a state-of-the-art pharmacy environment.

Why Pharmacy Design?

Are you interested in upgrading your pharmacy (either a hospital pharmacy or community health center pharmacy or retail pharmacy) to create a more functional, efficient, and appealing pharmacy environment? A facility that is also focused on patient and staff safety?

Pharmacy Design offers facility managers, pharmacy managers, pharmacy purchasing agents, and pharmacy owners a comprehensive directory for all products and services needed to design, build, equip, and manage a state-of-the-art pharmacy.

What you fill find on Pharmacy Design: Pharmacy Planning and Pharmacy Design Services, Pharmacy Construction Service, Pharmacy Project Management Services, Pharmacy Products, Pharmacy Equipment, Pharmacy Furniture, and Pharmacy Software.

For more information about pharmacy design and construction, including usp 797 compliant pharmacy design, visit Pharmacy Design (

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Article Published on Pharmacy Design

For Immediate Release (06/10/09)

New Article Published on Trends in Pharmacy Design and Operations

Bernstein & Associates, Architects is pleased to announce the publication of an article on recent trends in pharmacy design and pharmacy planning.

The article was published in the June 2009 edition of Pharmacy Design, the pharmacy design and pharmacy planning website, located at

The article discusses the latest trends in pharmacy design in the following areas:
- Pharmacy design has been undergoing dramatic changes in recent years
- A main trend has been the need to modernize and automate the production, packaging, distribution, and provision of drugs, particularly of prescription drugs, which have to be monitored and secured at all times.
- Clients looking to design a pharmacy will want to be cognizant of these trends.
- The movement towards pharmacy automation has been spurred by a number of factors
- The new electronic systems mean fewer medication errors and tighter security, not to mention more reliably safe drugs.
- Successful pharmacy plans from now on
- Clean rooms in pharmacies
- USP 797 for pharmacies
- automated drug management
- Pharmacy automation equipment within the pharmacy
- Swisslog PillPick
- McKesson ROBOT-Rx
- Pharmacy automation equipment connecting the pharmacy to other hospital departments
- Pyxis Medstation
- Bedside pharmacy dispensers
- Pneumatic tube systems in the pharmacy
- Future of the retail pharmacy
- Latest trends in retail pharmacy interior design

About Bernstein & Associates, Architects:

Bernstein & Associates, Architects has specialized in healthcare and lab design and construction since the firm's founding in 1990. This architecture firm is well-known for pharmacy planning, pharmacy design and pharmacy architecture, including a sub-specialty in usp 797 compliant pharmacy design and construction. The firm has designed over twenty new pharmacies, pharmacy renovations, and pharmacy relocations in the past five years. The firm is featured on the pharmacy design website,, and the usp 797 website, The firm's principal --- William N. Bernstein, LEED®AP, AIA --- is a well known pharmacy architect. He has written extensively on pharmacy design and pharmacy construction including usp 797 compliant pharmacies. Mr. Bernstein's pharmacy design articles can be found on, and his usp 797 articles can be found on the usp 797 website

For more information about healthcare and hospital design and construction, including pharmacy design and construction, contact Bernstein & Associates, Architects at:

Bernstein & Associates, Architects - PLLC
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